Settlement Agreement Po Angielsku

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The Public Health Foundation was set up in 1998 as part of the agreement on the agreement between the Member States and the tobacco companies. A lawyer for one defendant said no settlement agreement had been reached. On 18 April 2012, these two parties reached a settlement agreement. Są to słowa często używane w połączeniu z settlement. “I have a transaction proposal that I will leave with you.” “We are not at the point where a transaction agreement is underway.” I have a transaction proposal waiting for you in the room next door. In 1999, a new settlement agreement was concluded, recognizing great progress. The full transaction agreement can be found on the internet under, regulators said. In a settlement agreement, a federal judge reduced the area from 150 feet to 135. Kliknij na kolokację, aby zobaczyć więcej przykładów.

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