Rental Agreement In Quebec

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With two exceptions, a tenant may sublet all or part of his apartment or assign the lease to another person. The two exceptions are a student who rents accommodation in an educational institution and a person who rents accommodation at low rent (articles 1870, 1981 and 1995 of the Civil Code of Québec). All types of rental periods are allowed, for example.B. month or annual. It is even possible to have a lease without a fixed term. The duration of a rental contract may not exceed one hundred years. If it exceeds one hundred years, it is reduced to this term (article 1880 Civil Code of Québec). (Article 1956 of the Civil Code of Québec) The lessor or tenant of a low-rent apartment may request the fixing of the rent or the modification of other conditions of the rental agreement only in accordance with the provisions specific to this type of rental agreement. 1.