Clemson Roommate Agreement

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“Accepted roommates are posted in the group members area. Not all roommates become best friends, but of course, most learn to get along. The key to a cohabitation relationship is to establish common expectations, communicate with each other, and address conflicts when they arise. If you feel that you are not able to handle a situation with your roommate, the staff at Residential Life is at your disposal. Please talk to your AR about your concerns so we can find the best way to help you. While it`s not an option for everyone, Clemson students, who already have a developed group of friends, can look at people they know as potential roommates. If you know a person`s personality, you may feel more comfortable if you share an apartment with them. In fact, many students invite one or two friends to be residents in a four-bedroom unit, but then use a roommate matching service to fill the remaining rooms in the apartment. In the Colocation Groups section, you can create or join a group of potential roommates.

You can also view pending queries that you may have sent or received. If you know your friend from Clemson University`s username, you can start creating a group by clicking “Search roommate details.” If more members are added to the group, you can see all the members of the group on this page. “Potential roommates who have asked to be in your group or with whom you have asked to be roommates are posted under the roommate`s page. Here you can accept or decline a roommate request. You and your roommate can be very different. People communicate differently, so make an effort to open up to your roommate. Maintain a positive attitude and an open mind – you will see that there is a lot to learn from someone whose context, culture, values and interests differ from yours. Randomly chosen roommates are a reality that students face when living in dormitories or other accommodations on campus. It is possible that random cohabitation can lead to the development of friendships, even if the average chances are quite slim that two or more people, who are arbitrarily housed together, live harmoniously. Also, when your training is at stake, there is a downside to risking an unpleasant environment that can hurt productivity. “At this point in the search process, you can use the questions from the lifestyle questionnaire and your favorite answers to search for potential roommates. Your resident assistant helps you and your roommate enter into a roommate agreement during the first few weeks of school.

The agreement will help you set common expectations for your home, how to communicate with someone else, and how to address conflicts if they arise. Read on for more tips to prepare to chat with your roommate. Junior students, transfer students, and other newcomers to Clemson probably don`t know many people on the ground who could serve as roommates. Therefore, one technique that is used to find roommates is to post ads on cragislist, Facebook or roommate sites. However, the problem with searching online for a roommate candidate is that you don`t have general information about people, making it hard to know how compatible you would be. Even with a roommate who is a stranger, you can`t know if that person is trustworthy enough to pay the rent on time until it`s too late. Most problems can be solved through communication. Don`t let problems arise. Talk frankly and honestly about worries with your roommate.

Take some time to talk to your roommate, so you can both focus on listening and solving the problem.