Addendum To Financing Agreement

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When an amendment amends a previously signed agreement, it is a modification. While additions and modifications to documents already prepared are added to work in progress or contracts under development that have not yet been executed. On the other hand, the modifications are used for documents that have been previously considered complete, fully agreed by all parties and exported in their original form. As with other parts of the contract, night rage often requires signatures for all parties to the negotiation. This process confirms that the parties have verified and accepted the new or additional information. The amendment becomes a mandatory element of the contract. The signature of a witness may be necessary to ensure validity. Night rage is often used in the real estate market. If a potential buyer and seller negotiates an agreement often referred to as a purchase and sale agreement, Nachtrage contains information about issues and items that are not in the original project. Grudges define information relevant to the use of contingencies, for example. B with respect to the buyer`s ability to obtain adequate financing or a real estate home (REO) sold as it is.

This addendum to the loan agreement concluded on 27 July 2007 is concluded by the companies (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “lenders”) and Renewable Energy Resources, Inc. (hereinafter the “borrowers”) for the use of USD 100,000 of the loan for the operation of the borrower in the context of its extraordinary SEC 10Q deposit and the final beneficiary, the Spring Energyfield Project. This amendment is concluded between the parties, the lender and the borrower, solely for the purpose and amount indicated, and does not modify any other part, content or condition of any of the parties to the original loan agreement. This amendment does not modify the amount of the loan, the duration of the loan, the payment of interest, the repayment, the advance, the borrower`s shares, the loan guarantee with the authorization of the guarantor, the events of default clauses, recourse, recovery, jurisdiction and jurisdiction, the lender`s right of pre-emption or the lender`s commitment for the loan, as stipulated in the original agreement, the total amount of transactions in “II. Effective Date”, the first calendar date shall be recorded when the terms of this Supplement are active using the spaces provided. We need some specific figures in the article “III. The mortgage.¬†Look for the two check boxes before the words “First mortgage (1st)” and “Second (2nd) mortgage”, then mark the corresponding box to indicate whether the buyer`s mortgage is the result of a first or second mortgage. . .